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Going solar is something that is gaining more and more traction with orange county residence for a few different reasons. The first is that with the ever growing price of energy, the cost of living continues to increase. With the housing market in also increasing this gives home owners a great opportunity to use some of the equity in their home to get a solar system, and then fire the electric company. If you are tired of paying exorbitant rates (especially during the summer) then gives us a call, and see just how much money you can save. 

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Did you know that there are different types of solar systems? 

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Residential Solar

Residential solar systems allow home owners to become their own power company. Instead of having your home suck energy from the grid you can harness the energy produced by the sun, and store any unused energy in a battery for the night when there is no sun to provide you with power.  

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Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation is quite simply the process of installing solar panels on your roof or side yard, and then hooking those solar panels up to your homes electrical system. Whether you purchase your solar panels from us or already have some we can help you get your panels professionally installed.

costa mesa commercial solar system

Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems can be a huge opprotunity for small business owners. If you are a small business owner, and own the building where your office is then you should definitely look into the advantages of adding solar to your commercial building.

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Costa Mesa, California


For anyone living in the sunny city of Costa Mesa, California, taking advantage of all of that sunshine by having a solar power system installed in their home or business is a great investment. In recent years a shift toward using renewable energy has become more and more popular as people realize that our reliance on fossil fuels has to come to an end. Not only are fossil fuels a limited resource, they also pollute the environment. On the other hand, solar energy is the definition of a clean source of power, and it is an inexhaustible fuel source that we all should be taking advantage of. The point here is that the sun is going to shine no matter what, so why should we be harvesting that energy for our benefit? This is especially true in places that have abundant sunlight such as Costa Mesa, California. By harvesting that solar energy people and businesses can reap a lot of financial rewards while also helping to preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

A Solar Power System Is Insurance Against The Ever Rising Costs Of Electricity

Like everything else, the cost of electricity has been slowly but surely rising for years, and it will continue to do so. Inflation drives the price of everything up, and electricity costs are not immune to this. That means that the amount you pay for electricity today will be higher even if you use the same amount of electricity in the future. While there isn't much you can do to prevent inflation for most of the things you rely upon, that actually isn't true for electricity. When you invest in a solar power system you are going to be paying the same amount monthly for the next several years as you pay off the money you borrowed to purchase your solar power system. This amount will remain constant, whereas buying electricity from the electric company would continue to rise. Imagine the difference that will make over time when you keep paying the same low cost for electricity while everyone else has to pay more.

Going Solar Isn't As Expensive As You May Think

One of the biggest reasons that people and businesses avoid taking advantage of solar power is they think that the up front cost is going to be too high. While it's true that the cost of a solar power system can be intimidating, it's important that you consider all of the factors before you decide that it isn't the right choice for you. Did you know that there are a lot of state level and federal level programs that are designed to help encourage people to choose solar power? These types of programs provide tax breaks and other incentives designed to help lower the out of pocket costs associated with a solar power system. So if you take the time to do a little research you may find that the cost for your new solar power system will end up being far less than you might have thought it would be.

If the idea of buying a solar power system outright or financing one is still not appealing to you then you may also want to consider the option of leasing your solar power system. When you lease a solar power system from a solar company you pay the company a monthly fee for using their equipment. This monthly fee, combined with what you pay the power company for access to the grid and any electricity needs that you have that are not covered by the solar system, is generally quite a bit lower than a normal electric bill. While buying a solar power system is generally the best long term investment, if your primary goal is to save a little money each month then leasing a system is better than doing nothing at all.

A Solar Power System Is An Investment In Your Future

For most people, the most realistic means of getting a solar power system is to finance it. Now if you have a lot of cash on hand and can afford to pay for it out of pocket that's great, but most people can't do this. So financing it is the most commonly used path to owning a solar power system. That means monthly payments, which nobody really likes. But what you have to remember is that right now you pay a monthly bill to the electric company right? So in 20 years if you don't have a solar power system you are still going to be paying that same monthly bill right? Actually, you won't, you'll be paying an even higher monthly bill than you are now. It's kind of like choosing to rent a home instead of buy one. When you rent it you will be making payments forever, whereas if you buy it at some point it will be yours free and clear. When you buy a solar power system after your payments are done you will basically enjoy free electricity from that point onward. Sounds like a better option than just paying the electric company forever now doesn't it?

Solar Power Is An Ideal Investment In Areas Such As Costa Mesa, California

California is well known for its sunny days and great weather. In fact, a lot of people that come from colder climates are astonished at just how much sunshine and warmth there is in California. The point here is that solar power systems are a good investment in many places, in a place such as Costa Mesa, California it's a fantastic investment. There's going to be sunshine most of the days of the year, so there really isn't a good reason that you shouldn't have a solar power system on your home or business to take advantage of all of that sunshine. The bottom line is that investing money in a solar power system is great for you financially, and it's good for the environment as well. The financial benefits alone should pique your interest since a solar power system can literally save you thousands of dollars over it's lifetime. Going solar is the smart thing to do for your wallet as well as for the planet we live on.


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